Food Forest Inspiration

Food forest gardening has served humans since ancient times.  The forest feeds itself (no one rakes the leaves, and they become new soil), retains water for itself (imagine... how long the trees drip after the rain), shades itself, fertilizes itself, manages pests on its own.  Gardening in the model of a forest is not new but the old can flourish like a fresh idea when the time is right.  Now forest gardens of all sizes are evidencing the powerful potential to feed people and restore ecosystems. 


Check out these eye-opening movies and exemplary gardens as an inspiration that your corner of land, whether private or community, has great potential!    



Kiss the Ground documents the power of regenerative agriculture at local and global levels as narrated by Woody Harrelson.  Eye opening and a great watch! 

Kiss the Ground Film | Official Website (


The Biggest Little Farm movie follows John and Molly Chester's journey of creating biodiversity in a once barren land in California through the lens of beautiful cinematography.  Very moving and a wonderful watch!

The Biggest Little Farm Digital - Apricot Lane Farms


This film is gorgeous!  As mesmerizing and it is educational, see a whole new panorama of nature way beyond flora and fauna, with a bit of fun-guy humor along the way.

The Fantastic Fungi Film by Louie Schwartzberg



Food farms and powerful permaculture projects are popping up everywhere!   


10 incredible urban food forests from around the world - Sustainable Urban Delta


Greening the Desert is a permaculture project in Jordan started in 2008.  How could this abundance happen in such a dry and salty place?